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"Every exit is an entry somewhere else."

             --Tom Stoppard

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Getting Clear About Your Life & Work


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Programs & Services for Companies and Organizations

Maximize  Employees' Loyalty, Increase Performance, Reduce Turnover and Cost of Hiring.


Why Passion? Organizations fostering a passionate environment produce superior performance.  On the other hand, bored, unchallenged employees involved with work that is a poor fit, simply produce turnover.  Industry standards indicate the loss of an employee costs a company approximately 3 times the individual's annual salary.

According to a recent Gallup poll, over 50% of the workforce is not performing at anywhere near optimum level. Moreover, this is not because they are "unqualified," but because they lack enthusiasm and passion for their life and work. Often, they do not feel a sense of contribution or are not in alignment with their organization's vision.

In their book, “Follow This Path,” Gallup authors conclude that helping employees become more passionately "engaged" in their lives and careers can statistically increase company profitability by as much as 40%!

Inspire and grow your people and they'll be inspired to grow your company.

But, they also indicate that inspiration is not a rational process. You must give employees "emotional incentives." When one can see how their work can support inner needs and passions, their dedication, loyalty and fulfillment increase exponentially. This, in turn, creates exciting, dynamic and profitable work environments. 

We are dedicated to maximizing your investment in your human capital through reducing stress, igniting morale, building teams and assisting change.

The services we offer include:

Outplacement Service

Morale Building

Change Management

Team Building


Executive Coaching

Outplacement Service

As the world continues its rapid evolution, it often becomes necessary to reconfigure your organization to keep pace. The L&CC provides outstanding leading edge outplacement programs to assist in giving direction and hope to those who need to move into new work opportunities. Our services include:

Vocational Testing for Direction and Focus.

Effective Strategies for Approaching a New Marketplace.

Resumes, Interview Preparation.

Support Teams, Networking.

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After you've re-invented, re-engineered, flattened and right-sized your company, what do you have left? Often, staff who are confused, overwhelmed, burned out and nervous. When morale is low, so is energy and productivity. Through workshops, seminars and success coaching, The Life & Career Clinic teaches tools for healing and successfully absorbing the shocks of transition. How does this affect your organization?

Increases Performance.

Clarifies Purpose.

Develops Enthusiasm.

Provides Support.

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Understanding the nature of change eases the experience. Workshops and Team Building assist in re-bonding groups after they've gone through a major transition and offers strategies to be effective while weathering the storm.

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Team Building:
Through our team building processes, individuals get to know each other, bond and gel into tightly knit teams where they share experiences, challenges and achievements in pursuit of their goals.  This process facilitates regularly scheduled Success Teams to develop individual transition game plans, plot concrete next steps and achieve career and personal goals.  Not only do the members experience the process of personal change first hand, but they also learn to seek and provide support to others.

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This process scans your organization for the passionate endeavors of it's employees and leverages them to support new or existing projects.  New products and markets, new ventures and spin-offs will naturally result as your employee is encouraged to pursue their passions.  In a sense, a mini business incubator is born within your company.  Our Outplacement Services continue to support those employees whose passions take them in different directions than the organization and help to further employee retention and loyalty.

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Executives face a unique set of circumstances during personal and organizational change. Mary Lyn Miller personally coaches executive level management to determine goals and implement life strategies in a balanced, passionate and profitable manner.

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"When I first called Mary Lyn, I was ready to sell my firm. I was tired, the hours were long and my staff was unenthused and unfocused. Mary Lyn showed me how to restructure my entire company around her principles. As a result, I not only achieved greater personal balance, but increased employee participation and loyalty. That year was one of my best in business with increased profits and far less effort" 

- - Michael K, Public Relations Executive, New York, NY


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