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"The 8 Myths of
Making a Living...
and the Truth of
Making a Life"
By Mary Lyn Miller

Getting Clear About Your Life & Work


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If you want to have more of a life, here are some events to get you started...
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January 10, 17 and 24

3 Consecutive Monday Evenings Teleclass Format

How to Make 2005 an Amazing Year:
The Power of Visioning!
Presented by Mary Lyn Miller

What if you could vision yourself into the most amazing year of your life this year, achieving new levels of happiness, success, health and wealth?

Well, actually, you can. What you think about today creates what you experience in the future. If you want something different - or more - or less than you have in your life today, you have to envision something different.

I know because this process has ruled my life. I have envisioned hope and prosperity when it seemed none should be there - and achieved my goals. I have also been led by visions of fear, insecurity and self-doubt - and lo and behold, got to experience a lot of that!

Which do YOU want?

Join me for 3 nights - 14 days - for a powerful visioning process that will clarify and direct your vision in positive, expansive and uplifting way, and set the foundation for a most amazing year.

Your will learn:

  • The 3 phases of visioning - and how you may be overlooking one or two!
  • Common misunderstandings about the visioning process.
  • Shortcuts to increase your effectiveness.
  • How all visions manifest some form of result.
  • An innovative way to clarify what you really want in the 5 primary areas of your life.
  • The one element that keeps visions from creating your desired outcomes.
  • Why things appear the worst when your vision is just about to come to pass.
  • How to reframe any negative thinking.


The course includes my 62 page workbook: "Handbook for Passion-Driven, Money-Manifesting, Peace-Producing Visioning" and it's available to you as soon as you register.

Register now and download the workbook immediately.

Cost: $79 including workbook and three 75 minute classes

But, take advantage of my Holiday Special:

Register before December 24, save money
and receive extra gifts.....

  • $10.00 off registration
  • Special Report: "The 3 Keys to Abundance."

This course is open to everyone - there are no pre-requisites.

Feel free to invite your friends and neighbors.

In fact, follow Lisa V. of Chicago who is giving this to her sister as a holiday gift!

Don't miss this opportunity to save money and make 2005 a really amazing year!

Register now! See you on the phone!

Wednesday, January 12 7:00 - 9:30PM
(1 Night Only)

South Bay Adult School
701 S. Peck Ave., Room 204, Manhattan Beach, CA

$24.00 Register in Class or at www.southbayadult.org

Discovering Your Life's Purpose

Presented By Mary Lyn Miller

  • Do you sense there is more purpose to your life than you are presently experiencing?
  • Are you going in a lot of directions at once...or no direction at all?
  • Looking for a new direction....ready to go to the 'Next Level' in your career...your
    business...your personal life, but need more focus?

This class will help you understand you have a magnificent purpose and why you may not be living it. Discover why you are here - 'and what on earth you are supposed to do!' I love working with you on this!

  • Learn the 4 words that block you from experiencing your passion and purpose.
  • Discover the 3 keys to focus and how refocusing
    can change the possibilities in your life.
  • Find out why living your purpose will lead you to greater abundance and money.
  • 4 Clues to Revealing your passion and more!!

Do what you were designed to do and live a life you love.

Discover fresh ideas, renewed inspiration and clearer direction.

Awaken your spirit…Leave the class feeling more motivated, supported, happier!

Please forward to anyone who could benefit!



Tuesday, February 1

South Bay Adult School
701 S. Peck Ave., Room 204, Manhattan Beach, CA

$24.00 Register in Class or at www.southbayadult.org

Never Need a Full Time Job Again
Presented By Mary Lyn Miller

  • Are you realizing that there is no such thing as a
    secure job?
  • Are you ready to explore a new way of working?
  • Tired of not being in control of your life?
  • If it's time to make a living AND have a life, then this is for you!

In this class, you will learn:

  • How to redefine your approach to your life and work.
  • New work models to help you prosper in any economy.
  • 3 Steps to Success and Freedom
  • Strategies that will keep you working the rest of your life ----without ever having a full time job again!

    "These classes are definitely a '10!' I was very stuck, and felt so differently after I took Mary Lyn's classes." - - Gina H., Torrance

    "Mary Lyn gave me motivation and clarity - it really helped a lot…I'd recommend her classes to everyone." - - Linda B., Redondo Beach


Tuesday, February 15

The Learning Annex
LAX Location

Register at www.learningannex.com or call 310-478-6677

Power Interviewing:
Turn Job Interviews into Job Offers!

Presented by Mary Lyn Miller

The most qualified candidate doesnt necessarily get the job. It's the one who knows the secrets for successful interviewing!

In this enlightening seminar, I will share proven techniques to help you ace any interview.
I'll cover how to:
· Create a winning resume
· Project a professional and compelling presence
· Answers to even the most difficult questions successfully *
· Negotiate pay (or, how to make thousands of dollars in minutes!) * Avoid the 10 most common interviewing mistakes
· And more!

If you want to feel more comfortable, confident and in control in your next interview, don't miss this class!

Begins Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Brand New!!
Core Essence Group Coaching by Phone
6 week course

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants in-depth clarity, focus and direction. The 6 week course is required as part of licensing training.
For more information contact me at mlm@l-cc.com.

For More Information on Any of These Events, Call (310) 378-4417 or E-mail mail@l-cc.com


(310) 378-4417 
Contact us at Mail@L-CC.com
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