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"If you never did,
you should.

These things are fun, and fun is good."

         - - Dr. Seuss

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Getting Clear About Your Life & Work


PEP Talk with Mary Lyn

Welcome to my first issue of PEP Talk! I am very excited about focusing on the three things I love best - and that you have expressed the most interest in terms of developing your careers, businesses and personal lives: Passion - Energy - Prosperity.

I want you to think about the following. The alarm goes off in the morning and as you awaken, the first thing that comes to mind is the litany of responsibilities on your "to do" list. If you're anything like me, this has happened more than once. How does it make you feel? I'll tell you how it makes ME feel. It makes me tired and I haven't even gotten out of bed yet. The energy for the day has just been sucked out of me.

But, wait!! Suddenly your realize it is not a work-day, and you don't have a "to do" list after all. In fact, it's a day off, the children are away (packed off to some benevolent relative), and the day is deliciously yours. Now, how does it feel? Instead of having to drag yourself out of bed, you feel more like actually meeting the day and getting started, huh!! You have energy and feel more vitally alive. You are ready to go.

The "waking up" process takes the same amount of time in either case, but one set of thoughts drain your energy and the other revitalizes your energy. So, it's not a matter of time management since both take the same amount of time, rather it is really a question of how you are thinking and where you are focusing your energy. When you have an abundance of energy on a regular basis, you will find that you are experiencing a passion for life.

That abundance of passion (energy) when channeled effectively, produces amazing results in your life. Let's face it, an abundance of energy produces well, an abundance of energy - like money!! In other words, if you really want to experience great prosperity and fulfillment, begin with re-focusing your energy!

The issue, then, is more about managing your energy, rather than your time. If you are doing activities that absorb and inspire you, you won't need much time. If, however, you are uninspired and bored, it doesn’t matter how much time you have available, whatever you do takes forever. Most people think time is the problem, when, really, the greater issue is how you are tapping your energy.

I have realized in my own life that there is a certain vocabulary that precedes energy draining activity and it sounds like this: "I have to, I ought to, I should." Whatever comes after that is just about to drain the life out of me. Every time I say those words, I am saying "I am a victim-I have lost the power of choice in my life so I HAVE to do things I don’t want to do."

The concepts of Passion, Energy and Prosperity are incredibly important to living the life you really want to live, but I know it isn't all that easy. It is simple. It is not easy. We all need support and a steady stream of inspiring, fresh ideas to "PEP" us up. To meet this need, I have designed the "PEP Program" a network of business owners, professionals and anyone seeking a new approach to their life to meet quarterly and systematically address each of these areas and create a passionate, prosperous community for brainstorming and support.

I invite everyone to join me for lunch in Rancho Palos Verdes (see upcoming events) on Saturday, June 14 for our first meeting to see if becoming more passionate, energetic and prosperous might be right for you! It will be a fun lunch date!

Just click here to register for the early bird discount - and I'll look forward to being with you.


Mary Lyn Miller
Your PEP Coach
Passion-Energy-Prosperity in Your Business, Career & Psrsonal Life

PEP SPOTLIGHT: Molly Tallman

Molly came to The Life & Career Clinic in 1997 uncertain if anyone could help her find a way to really live the life she wanted. It was hard for her to believe that you could have adventurous work that she loved, do more than one job simultaneously and make enough money to support herself This is part of a letter she sent a few weeks ago:

"Despite my doubts, I took your personal coaching program, Life Focusing, and the follow-up teams and it changed my life. .I have a great life now! In fact, I want to pinch myself some days to see if I am dreaming or if it's really happening. I have two great jobs that I totally love and I am well compensated. I get to travel and do all the things that I wrote down I wanted to do when I was participating in your groups (I still want my own business someday that involves travel, but am confident I will get to that when the time is right). I work at an adventure travel company in Berkeley with wonderful people. I recently traveled to Tasmania/Australia backpacking and then to Baja for our 25th anniversary company cruise to see whales and all sorts of wild life with clients and I got paid to do it!!. I have also been able to travel to Costa Rica and trek in the Himalayas. All of these are my dreams come true.

My second job is on a few weekend nights a month at a world music club in Berkeley called Ashkenaz. I get to work with wonderful people/and community and hear great music when I am not traveling.

I finally have balance between work and fun and life just gets better. I can't thank the divine universe for letting me see your ad in the yellow pages when I was desperately unhappy in LA six years ago. Thanks again and I hope you continue to receive every success life has to offer!

Molly Tallman

Thanks, Molly!! Your life sounds wonderful, and I know you have done great work to create it. Congratulations! Mary Lyn

By the way, Molly is the living proof of the "truth" of making a life:
For more information on the truth, see "8 Myths of Making a Living, (and the Truth of Making a Life)"


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