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"Passion is the most powerful force in the universe and the secret to all happiness and prosperity."

           --Mary Lyn Miller


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Q: What is The Life & Career Clinic?
The L&CC is an organization dedicated to providing resources, inspiration, and support to those seeking fulfilling life work. It consists of an intensive self-discovery process called Life FocusingTM as well as a series of teams, classes and a network of resources. Our focus is on the continuing evolution and expression of passion and purpose in all areas of one's life.

The Life and Career Clinic is a place to heal your relationship with work so that you can experience the exhilaration that comes from living and working in alignment with who you truly are.

It is also a Clinic in that it provides the highest level of professional guidance and services in a variety of specialized areas. Like a Clinic, you use only those services which support you at a given time.

Our L&CC concept is innovative and effective. We welcome you to our network and are delighted to join hands with you in the quest for a life that is filled with passion, vision, joy and fulfillment.

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Q: Who is this for? Just career and job seekers?
No. Our client base includes the following:

Employees affected by downsizing and restructuring.

Professionals who feel frustrated, burned out or unfulfilled.

Entrepreneurs re-focusing their talents and organization for more success.

Recent high school and college graduates needing clarity about their future.

Women re-entering the workplace.

Anyone in career or personal transition.

Anyone seeking more clarity, focus, passion and purpose in their life.

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"This program not only dramatically affected our careers, but helped save our marriage!  In addition to our personal work changes, we've learned more about true passion, love and trust.  Great for both individuals and couples in transition." 
- - Debbie and Richard Lowman, San Pedro, CA

"Having recently graduated from college, I was lacking a sense of direction for my life.  Participating in this program provided the insight and support I needed to compete against even more experienced candidates and win a dream job I really love." 
- - Paul Newman, Santa Monica, CA

Mission Statement:

The mission of The Life and Career Clinic is to provide assistance, insight and support to the process of discovering, manifesting and fulfilling one's life work...

...work that is uniquely one's own.

...work that is filled with passion, joy, purpose and a sense of contribution.

...work that opens one to being happy, balanced and free.

The Life and Career Clinic is committed to seeking out new technologies and methods of ongoing support to enhance this concept of life and career success.

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MLPhoto.jpg (4880 bytes)Mary Lyn Miller is a career and communications consultant, and the author of "The 8 Myths of Making a Living...and the Truth of Making a Life: Getting Clear About Your Life & Work".  She has been in the career development field since 1980.  A former corporate executive, she taught traditional job search and work skills until 1986, when it was discovered she had cancer (read her story in "Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul").   She spent the next two years recovering and found the innovative techniques she was using to save her life were highly applicable to healing the emptiness and lack of fulfillment we often feel in our work experience.  Inspired by her personal journey, Mary Lyn combined these techniques with her career consulting background and developed a breakthrough program for personal clarity and life direction called Life Focusing™.   In 1988, she opened The L&CC as a place to "heal one's relationship with work and bring passion and purpose into our lives."  Today, through Focusing, teaching, writing and personal appearances, she and her staff have affected the lives of thousands of men and women who have sought to embrace their dreams and be all they were designed to be.

Contact Mary Lyn at: MLM@L-CC.com


Jim2a.jpg (11978 bytes)JIM MICALI
Director of Business Development

Jim Micali has been a part of the L&CC community since 1994.  After earning a Master of Science Degree from Stanford University and developing a successful yet unfulfilling career as a Research Engineer, Jim pursued a Master of Business Administration Degree from UCLA to "advance" his career.  His subsequent and successful career as an independent turnaround consultant left him equally unsatisfied, unfocused and passionless.   As a Life & Career Clinic client, he discovered both himself and a deep desire to motivate others to transform their lives.  Today, he is not only a guiding force of the L&CC, but also continues to express his multi-dimensional passion.  Within the past year, he has danced for Sony Pictures Entertainment, performed improvisation at The Comedy Store, exhibited art at The Brentwood Art Center and completed the 1999 Nautica Malibu Triathlon.

Contact Jim at JimM@L-CC.com


Tara.jpg (40100 bytes)TARA JOSEPH
Program Coordinator

Tara Joseph came to the L&CC as a client in 1993.  Despite a successful career in management with an international women's apparel manufacturer, Tara felt unfulfilled and creatively stifled.  Through Life Focusing™, she re-discovered her passion for acting - a dream she has held since childhood.   Since then she has performed with Stage One Players' "Shakespeare in the Square" and studied at the prestigious Piero Dusa Conservatory.  While she continues to move in the direction of her vision, her "day job" at the L&CC allows her to express her creative spirit in a myriad of ways, from the creation of this website to developing and co-presenting an internet seminar for the Clinic.

Contact Tara at TaraJ@L-CC.com

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